Void Series Two

by /// Δ



"CNC veteran Michael Amason visits familiar territory with his newest drone piece, the 36 minute “Void Series Two”. This second release is in the same vein as the first, consisting one track which is comprised of six movements, each one about six minutes long.

But unlike the first, Amason strove to make a much more cohesive set of songs utilizing prepared guitar, four separately voiced oscillators, distortion pedals, drum machines, and a mess of other noisemakers, all recorded in one take to create a singular drone abyssal.

When questioned on his return to the series, he had this to say;

The idea behind this musical project was inspired by the concept of Bardo found in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, which put simply means a state of transition. I looked at the Void Series as the more literal record, or rather the Bardo, of my artistic growth from one form to another. Obviously all of the albums an artist produces accomplish that in some form, but my other releases tend to revolve around concepts or are collaborative efforts with other artists. The Void Series does the opposite by taking it back to the base level of tracking down not only the types of equipment I’m using at the moment, but also my ever changing human self."

-Via Cookies 'N Cream Records Inc.


released July 2, 2012




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