by ///Δ



This album was one of the very first albums I released on cassette. It's release coincided with the noise festival Neon Marshmallow NYC in 2011. Extremely limited to only 8 copies, I thought I had lost this cassette's content forever. Recently a copy resurfaced and I took the chance to track the whole cassette down digitally for redistribution.

A few notes about this release:

This tape was released under a different band name, Amplifier Worshiper. That project was an absolute sound experiment/noise installation collaboration between guitarist and Cookies 'N Cream co owner Jordan Fore and myself. I moved for a brief period of time to Germany in the summer of 2011, and took the name with me. Whilst in the Rheinland, I began working on disjointed tape loops and pure distortion waves, centering my creative energy on their destructive yet soothing ambience. Upon returning to America, I composed my ideas immediately to analogue recorders, and made transfers directly to cassette tapes.

The instrumentation consists of tube amplifiers with sine wave signals passing through them, guitar feed back, drummachines that have been looped on their own signals or sent through distortion. Whole sections of tracking have been post processed through distortion or compression and new feedbacks layered over them.

The original artwork was sub par in my opinion, and the track listings were only a single name for side A and B. In converting this release to digital, I have decided to do it justice with a new artistic interpretation.


released October 14, 2011

All tracks written and recorded by Michael Amason.
Dedicated to Jordan Fore



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Means To An End
Beg for it.